Bachelor of Oral Health Halfway Dinner 2015

Anna Cheng & Stacey Sirol
BOH2 Year Representatives

On the night of July 4th 2015, BOH 2 students were able to confidently celebrate the completion of half of the Bachelor of Oral Health degree. After sitting through numerous practical and theoretical exams, we were all looking forward to an opportunity to relax and come together as a group stress free once again.

halfway 1Dinner was set for 21 people at 7pm at Criniti’s in Darling Harbour. A few of us were there at 7 on the dot to ensure our reservation wasn’t lost, but the rest of BOH 2 was nowhere to be seen. Starved and still waiting for the rest of the cohort to arrive, the boys decided to make a ‘maccas’ stop beforehand once aware that half of the cohort wouldn’t be around until 8pm, leaving them in a better condition than we were.

halfway 2

Just after 8pm, everyone had finally arrived and the atmosphere brightened up instantly. Entrées were served shortly after, including garlic bread and bruschetta, followed by four types of pasta and two table length pizzas for mains. Salads were also served, despite ¾ of each pizza still being left on the table. We were all completely satiated, but of course still had room for a number of drink orders. Whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic, drinks came out with amazing presentation and an even more toothsome taste. By the time we had finished our drinks, it was well past 10pm so we packed up the remaining pieces of pizzas (which filled 4 pizza boxes), asked for the bill, and said our goodbyes.

A group of us decided to visit the Winter Wonderland setup in Darling Harbour before heading home, which definitely lived up to expectations. Not only did it look like a white winter, but it also felt like one as the winter chill shadowed our every move. We started to take a number of photos when suddenly the feature lights turned off and we were encased in darkness. Luckily we were able to capture a few good shots/selfies beforehand, whilst others weren’t so lucky and had arrived just before lights out.

After a stressful 18 months, this night allowed for us to enjoy ourselves outside of the university setting and brought us all even closer together as a group. None of us knew what we were getting ourselves into when we joined the program but we all entered knowing that we are here to help people and love what we do at the same time. Although we have experienced many ups and downs along the way, the experience has definitely made us stronger as individuals as well as a team. We look forward to the next year and a half, hoping that the increase in clinical hours will help us improve as clinicians and further broaden our knowledge and understanding of Oral Health.

halfway 3