Roland Bryant Cup 2016

Benjamin Gad
(DMD3 Sports Representative)

T11200956_10203071900992507_6248194071388481073_ohe Roland Bryant Cup (RBC) is an annual best of five sports series event played between the dental faculties from Charles Sturt University (CSU) and the University of Sydney. The competition is named after Professor Roland Bryant, a Professor of Restorative Dentistry who teaches at both universities. The competition aims to foster ties between the dental students of Charles Sturt University and the University of Sydney. The first competition was held in 2010 and the university hosting the competition alternates each year – odd years hosted by CSU and even years hosted by Sydney University. A social event typically follows the formal competition proceedings. As stipulated in the RBC constitution the losing team has the right to select the five sports played in the following year’s competition – typically the sports played are: women’s dodgeball, women’s soccer, mixed touch, men’s soccer and men’s basketball. The RBC is what each university decides to make it – the more participants and spectators involved the better the event so everyone is encouraged to get involved!

The 2016 Roland Bryant Cup will be held on May 7. Come along and support Sydney University as they try to win the Rolant Bryant Cup! Schedule for the day to follow. Keep up to date by following the event on Facebook.