Kyle Schaltz
(DMD4 Sports Representative)
For the third year in a row the warm and sunny City2Surf was a huge success and a superbly fun day for all involved! We had 40 people running and representing the SUDA team in all waves of the race, from those chasing the front of the pack t!cid_C9BF6E91-A410-41F7-A106-29E4FE26B971o those enjoying the beautiful course to the beach with music blasting at every kilometre. A massive thankyou to all of the individuals who collected and donated to Filling the Gap, allowing us to raise $1083 all up!!! I know this will be put to good use and if we could !cid_CED83A27-E371-472C-A29B-AC408E661011hear the thanks from those on the receiving end I’m sure they would be loud and plentiful. The post-race burgers and beverages were well deserved by all with the conversation rolling on until the crowds subsided (only slightly though…). We all had a wonderful day and look forward to running again with everyone next year!!cid_22529AA7-5453-46E1-B4B1-D9D91851E6DF